As a fully trained club repair technician, I have the knowledge to repair, alter, build or dismantle any club or shoe in golf. I stock a wide range of components from golf shoe spikes to shafts and heads to build custom sets of clubs.


As a fully trained agent I can:

  • Repair any model of Motocaddy trolley
  • Carry stock of all spare parts, batteries, and accessories
  • Hire trollies out
  • Sell Motocaddy trollies


Occasionally your Motocaddy may require a little bit of TLC and that’s where we can help – whether it needs a general service or a repair, as an approved Motocaddy Service agent you can rest assure that if you leave your Motocaddy with me it will be in safe hands and we’ll have it repaired and back on the fairways in perfect working order in no time at all.


Re-gripping is vital for shot accuracy. Similar to tyres on a car, worn grips can reduce traction between your hands and the golf club grip. New grips enable you to have a lighter hold on the golf club and swing more freely.

Come in for a free grip check and sizing. If changes will help your game I can re-grip while you wait.




Minor differences to loft and lie can make a great difference to your round.

If the head of your iron is too flat it can drag in the grass and push to the right. If it is too upright the heel of the club can dig in, with a resultant pull to the left.

As a general rule, shorter golfers will benefit from slightly flatter lies and taller golfers may need it to be more upright. I can analyse your swing and your equipment and make all the beneficial adjustments so you can improve your game.



The beneficial reference pendulum swings back and forth about every ten years.